Birthday Blessings

13 September 2017

It is already September 14th in China 🙂 Birthday Blessings to our Little Empress, Song-Felicity Therese! 4 years ago today you arrived in southern China on your way to join our family before we even knew it! You are, beyond any doubt, the bravest person your mama has ever known. While you were still only 2, you had lived in an orphanage and in 3 different homes. You had navigated open heart surgery without a family by your side, had acquired 3 different languages and lived on 2 continents…all the while maintaining the deepest, truest joy I have ever encountered. Knowing you and witnessing your strong, sweet grace brings me to my knees. These past 15 months as your mother have been among the most enchanted and blessed of my life. I have witnessed you fall in love with Curious George, Mickey Mouse and Mulan, master the English language, and blossom into the most precious baby sister possible. You have stolen our hearts, Sissity, and we love you all the way around the world to China….and back. Forever and ever, Mama