We Could Have Missed This

30 November MMXVIII

On this final day of National Adoption Month……

I am not at all a brave person and when I first felt the tug to adoption, I was scared to death. I gave God a long litany of reasons that He could not, and should not, call us to this. I lost numerous nights of sleep tossing in burdened prayer. Literally. Now, I shudder to think of our family if I had not stepped through my fear to the other side…the side where my children were waiting for me.

If you have EVER felt this tiny tug to adopt, pray about it. If you share it with me, I will pray with you. Perhaps the tiny tug is actually God’s “still, small voice” calling you to your child. And if it is, you will find a cheerleader, a prayer partner and a fierce advocate in me as we work together to get your child home to your arms.

Because I believe deeply that there truly are no orphans….only parents who have not recognized their children yet.



Thanksgiving Babies


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