A Sweet Baby “Ren” Is Coming Home To Our Nest!

24 April MMXVIII
It is with joy overflowing that we share we will be welcoming a son this summer! After holding our breath for what seems like eternity, we have received formal approval from China to welcome this precious child home as a Williams!


Maeren Schamber Cai Williams (We will call him “Ren.”) will celebrate his second birthday next month. Our hearts will hurt being separated from him as he turns 2 but we will be deeply celebrating that it will be the last birthday that he will ever celebrate without his family celebrating with him! These next few months will be consumed frantically fundraising and preparing to bring him home. Bare with us and with this Mama Bird who will not rest until our Baby Ren is home in our nest snuggled safely under her wings.



2 thoughts on “A Sweet Baby “Ren” Is Coming Home To Our Nest!

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m so happy for you all and can’t wait to meet Ren. Congratulations!

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