Sunshine Family
I am a Catholic Christian wife and the mother of seven children. We welcomed our first six children biologically and our 7th child joined us as a precious gift from China! My husband, Jimmy, and I have been married for over 20 years and are “expecting” our 8th child from China! I am a very part-time lawyer and a very full-time mother. I love old houses, long walks on the beach collecting sea shells, Sunday afternoon naps with my dog, Ella, and reading the life stories of the saints. Motherhood is indeed my vocation and it is the precious joy of my heart to live it out! Entering the adoption arena has been such a beautiful reflection of my own “adoption” as a daughter of the Father! I am nervous, humbled and so very excited as I joyfully await the day God reveals our next child who is awaiting us on the other side of the sea!

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  1. Adoption is beautiful!! I follow a blog mix and match mama.. She also adopted a little girl from china.. And she has been such a blessing to their family.shes very knowledgeable about the adoption process with china and blogged a lot about it. Will keep you and your sweet girl in our prayers!


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