Perhaps my most favorite Chinese gift is the charming jewelry lock that is traditionally gifted to children in China. The lock symbolizes the “locking” in of good luck and fortune for the child’s future. When we adopted our daughter last year, we returned from China with matching lock charms for each of our children as both pieces of Chinese tradition and as symbols of “locking” them together as forever siblings. These bracelets are silver plated copper and are quite substantial. They are also expandable so that they fit from the newest of babies up to my 6 year old daughter.They make precious birthday, welcome home or Gotcha Day gifts. A lovely tinkling sound chimes as the precious little ones move their sweet hands.They are $16 a piece or 2 for $30. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED! They come with an enclosure card citing the scripture from Deuteronomy 33:25: “Your gates will have locks of iron and bronze and you will be strong as long as you live.” Proceeds go toward the adoption process of our next child in China.

Payments can be made via PayPal to anneelizabethwilliams@gmail.com Please leave your shipping address in the comments section. Or message me to arrange for local delivery.

Baby Lock Bracelet

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